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Svetlana Grigorieva

Born in Leningrad. Graduated in 1950 from the Leningrad State Institute of Theatre Music and Cinematography (Y.Yuriev and V. Erenberg’s class). Since 1951 has been an actress of the Maly Drama Theatre. Merited Artist of Russia (1971). She has played more than 50 roles, the best known of which are Masha in Mashenka, Luisa in Intrigue and Love, Nyura in Alive Forever, Assunta in The Rose Tattoo, and the Mother in The Appointment. She also played the lead role in Experiment Theatre’s production of Aleichem Sholom. Today the actress plays Marfa Repishnaya in Brothers and Sisters.

  • Merited Artist of Russia (1971)
Svetlana GrigorievaSvetlana Grigorieva

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